Global climate goals within ‘feasible’ reach: Survey

Led by cuts in coal-based power plants and thrust on renewable energy by India and China, the construction of such plants globally has witnessed a decline, indicating that global climate goals are within ‘feasible’ reach, a new survey said.

The survey revealed that India and China have seen a significant slowdown in expansion of coal, which is a major cause of pollution and causes approximately 12 lakh deaths in India annually.

“For the first time since the beginning of the global coal boom a decade ago, developments in East and South Asia in particular China’s wide-reaching restrictions on new coal plants and India’s indication that no new coal power is needed appear to have brought global climate goals within feasible reach, raising the prospect that the worst levels of climate change might be avoided”, the survey said.

It however said that while ‘more progress’ is needed and the margin for error is tight, results of the past year provide ‘good reason for optimism’.

The survey authored jointly by the Sierra Club, Greenpeace and Coalswarm found that globally, there has been a 48 per cent decline in the overall pre-construction activity, a 62 per cent drop in new construction starts and an 85 per cent decline in new Chinese coal plant permits.

“This global slowdown in the coal power sector is a great opportunity for keeping global warming below 2 degree Celsius as per the Paris Agreement. Thus the commitment of achieving the 1.5 degree target looks more feasible”, it said.


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