Gender sensitivity should start from home: Bramma G

Director Bramma G says the condition of women in society will improve only after gender sensitivity is practised at home.

The filmmaker’s upcoming film “Magalir Mattum” centres on the story of three female school friends, who reunite after a long time and resist the pressure exerted by the men in their lives.

In an interview, Bramma says the film celebrates women and he hopes men will start looking at the female gender through a different lens after watching the film.

“The respect towards women should start from the home and the school. When gender sensitivity starts from home, women’s safety becomes a reality. I don’t intend to give messages through my film but I’ve always wanted to provoke the thought of audiences. Equality is when a man lets his woman be herself. That’s what I’ve tried to convey through my movie.”

The filmmaker believes the education system plays a vital role in shaping the thought process of the children.

“Our text books still portray the picture of a family where the mother is doing household chores sitting on the ground while the father is reading the newspaper on the couch.

It needs to be changed.”

The director says films that subjugate female characters and objectify them are merely some instances that indirectly promote prejudice against women in younger minds.

“Abuse against women is not thin on the ground; women of all ages have been abused physically and mentally for eons throughout the world. With today’s ubiquitous smartphones and media, the situation has come to the light. The statistics about women abuse are spine-chilling,” says Bramma.

“Magalir Mattum” features Jyothika in the lead and calls her “a director’s actor”.

“Jo (Jyothika) is a complete director’s actor. It doesn’t mean she enacts what I ask her to. She would understand the context of a scene and play it in her way. She thoroughly understood the vision of my story and empathised with my characters.

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