Foods That You Must Avoid During Breastfeeding

From the time of birth until minimum of six months the infant feeds on breast milk. Breast milk is the only source of nutrient to the baby. The mother should have a proper diet during breastfeeding as she passes on the nutrient to the baby. Improper nutrient of the mother means lack of nutrient to the child. Taking care of the breastfeeding diet also means to be cautious about certain food which one should avoid at this time.Here are some foods that you must avoid during breastfeeding.

Foods that you must avoid during breastfeeding are:

1.Cows Milk: Cows milk with all it’s benefits is also a source of allergic reactions. During pregnancy and post pregnancy there is a chance that the mother would have a low immune system, thus, prone to allergic reactions. These reactions may be passed on to the baby through breast milk. Thus cows milk should be avoided during breastfeeding and replaced by other dairy products like cottage cheese, butter, yogurt etc.

2.Spice Food: Spicy food have the tendency of resulting in gas accumulation. Thus, spices like cinnamon, garlic, pepper are some of the food to be avoided. The gas formed can be transferred to the baby.

3..Flavoured Food: Indian cuisines have a lot of flavoured food like coriander leaves, cinnamon, cardamom etc. These can change the taste of the breast milk, making it taste bad for the baby. The baby might refuse to drink milk. Flavoured food should be avoided during breastfeeding.

4.Citrus Food: Food which are citrus like Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables should be avoided. Excessive consumption of these can lead to acidic concentration, which can then be passed on to the baby. Apart from stomach disorders, it might also lead to skin ailments in the baby.

5.Alcohol And Tobacco: Social drinking and smoking also needs to be avoided during breastfeeding. These reduce milk production.

These are the foods that you must avoid during breastfeeding.

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