Foods That Must Avoid When Immunity Is Low


Though certain foods are healthy, they may pose certain health risks especially when those foods aren’t processed well. Also, when your immunity levels dip a bit due to hectic schedules or stress levels in your life, you must pay more attention to the kind of foods you eat as you could fall ill very easily.For example, eating roadside pani puri may not hurt you sometimes. But at times, you may suffer throat infection or catch cold soon after eating roadside stuff. There could be two reasons behind this. One could be the contaminated water and the other could be low immunity levels.

When you eat food that is contaminated, you may suffer foodborne illnesses. Bacteria or virus or other microorganisms can contaminate food especially during the processing, storing or cooking phases of certain foods. Such foods may cause vomiting, fever, diarrhea and certain other health issues.In order to avoid such situations, it is better to avoid eating certain foods especially when your immunity levels are not at their best.Here are some foods that must avoid when immunity is low.

Foods that must avoid when immunity is low are:

1.Oysters: Certain health estimates suggest that oysters can be avoided as much as possible as they generally tend to harbour growth of microbes.

2.Sprouts: Though sprouts are healthy, they could increase the chances of bacterial outbreaks especially when the raw foods aren’t cleaned properly. It is better to prefer cooked foods especially when your immunity is weak.

3.Pre-Cut Veggies: Most of us prefer to buy a packet of pre-cut vegetables from the super market. But actually, it is better to stay away from such foods as most of such foods tend to be contaminated.

4.Raw Milk: Pasteurised milk is better. Raw milk could contain parasites, viruses and bacteria.

5.Raw Eggs: Raw eggs may contain salmonella, which could cause several health problems. Though it doesn’t happen every time you eat a raw egg, it is better to avoid the risk.

6.Meat: If you are not sure the how the meats are processed, then avoid buying them to avoid eating contaminated foods.

7.Packaged Juices: Even packaged juices aren’t so good as they could also harbour several types of bacteria in rare cases. Choose to drink fresh juices.

These are the foods that must avoid when immunity level is low.

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