Foods That Contribute To The Growth Of Baby’s Feet

There are many things that contribute to the development of healthy feet. Exercises, massages and the use of appropriate footwear are some of the healthy practices that encourage the development of feet.

Today, we shall take a look at the foods that contribute to the growth of strong feet in your baby.
Dairy Products

Milk and other dairy products like cheese, butter, yogurt, etc., are an essential part of the baby’s daily diet.


Vegetables are to be added to the baby’s diet to ensure healthy feet. Choose vegetables that are rich in calcium and fibre. Some good examples of calcium-rich vegetables are broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes and beans.

Fortified Soy Milk

Fortified soy milk is milk that is extracted from soy beans. This milk is then enriched with added calcium and vitamin D.


Lentils and pulses like dal, soy beans, peas, chick peas, and kidney beans are all very rich in calcium. It is a great addition to the diet of your baby.


Oranges are rich in calcium. Calcium fortified orange juice is also available in the market and can be offered to babies who are lactose intolerant and refuse to have soy milk. It is also rich in vitamin C.


Cereals are a food group that is a staple food in most homes in our country. Ragi is an example of a calcium-rich cereal that is fed to babies as young as 4 months of age.


Nuts and dry fruits are rich in healthy fats and calcium, both of which are essential for healthy feet.


Tofu is a paneer-like substance and is often consumed as a substitute to paneer and non-vegetarian food items. Tofu is extracted from soy beans, which are rich in calcium.

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