Follow These Rules FOr Fighting Fair In A Relationship

In relationships, there are some rules for fighting fair. It is a fact that fights are inevitable in a relationship. When such situations are inevitable, it is better to at least ensure that things don’t take an ugly turn. For that, one must master the art of fighting fair. When a fight is compulsory, then at least fighting fair make some sense. Also, remember the fact that in relationships, winning is not important. Winning the other person’s heart is more important.

Remember the same in all your arguments and observe the changes in your relationship. You will never lose the other person especially if you have never hurt him or her.Here are some rules for fighting fair in a relationship.

Rules for fighting fair in a relationship are:

1.Don’t Call Names: The moment we start an argument, we generally lose our temper and start calling names. This would in fact hurt the other person and it is very unhealthy. The overall purpose of a healthy argument gets defeated.

2.Don’t Interrupt: A conversation is supposed to flow like a river. Don’t obstruct the flow by interrupting the other person. This will irritate the person to a big extent.

3.Don’t Yell: This is one of the rules for fighting fair in marriage. Yelling could get repulsive especially during the middle of an argument. Yelling at each other is the ugliest thing a couple could do to each other.

4.Don’t Be Defensive: Being open helps. Being defensive serves no purpose especially when you are talking openly with your partner.

5.Don’t Be Sarcastic: When you are fighting with your partner, your sarcasm just adds fuel to the fight. It is better to keep it simple and straight so that the chances of disasters would reduce.

6.Don’t Blame: Blaming others for your mistakes or others’ mistakes is of no use as nothing could be done about certain things of the past. If you have a problem, you can still express your displeasure in plain sentences instead of getting into blame game.

7.Don’t Intimidate: Certain gestures do intimidate the other person especially during a fight. Ensure that you mind your body language during a fight. If you are careless about how you move your body, the other person can take it as intimidation.

8.Don’t Walk Out: This is one of the ground rules for fighting fair. Your partner might feel insulted especially if you walk out during the middle of an argument without resolving the issue. It isn’t a healthy thing to do.

These are the rules to follow for fighting fair in a relationship.

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