Foliage Plants To Grow For A Colourful Garden


A colourful garden adds glow and brightness to your garden and makes them lively. Apart from having colourful flower plants, you can even have plants which have colourful leaves. Also known as foliage plants, these are also easy to grow plants and can be kept indoor or outdoor.Here are some easy to grow foliage plants for a colourful garde.

Foliage plants to grow for a colourful garden are:

1.Frieda Hempel plant: It is a bicolour perennial plant which is also known as angel wings. It can be grown in containers and decorated indoors. The heart shaped leaves of Frieda Hempel plants with green corners and bold red colour on center of the leaves add colour to the space in the room or garden. Plant the Frieda Hempel plant regularly as it needs water and partial sun to survive and grow.

2.Burgundy plant: This plant can add vibrant colour to the garden. The widespread leaves of the plant makes the garden appear more attractive. The bushy short stems in burgundy colour spread like a flower and this foliage plant is a must grow. You can even grow these colourful plants in the living room or staircase and add decorate the house. Keep trimming the leaves and provide water and partial to full sunlight.

3.Jade plant: Also known as Wandering Jew, you can grow this colourful foliage plant indoor. Decorate the balcony or terrace with these plants. It is a hanging plant with colourful leaves (white, silver and purple colours). Add colour to the walls of the garden or balcony with jade plants.

4.Escargot plant: This foliage plant looks like worms but the colours make it a beautiful plant in your garden. The base of the leaf is like snail curls and twirls. The soil should be moist and grow this colourful leaves plant in partial shade.

5.New Zealand Purple/Cabbage Palm plant: Often grown as houseplants, the purple narrow leaves of the New Zealand purple can be grown both indoor or outdoors. If growing outdoor, keep the soil moist and grow in full to partial shade. When planting indoor, keep the plant in partial shade.

These are the easy to grow colourful foliage plants.

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