Flowering Climbing Plants For Your Garden

Climbing plants add to the beauty of your hanging garden and if they happen to be be flowering plants too then it is like a cherry on the cake. Climbing flowers are rare but you do have a dozen so famous ones. It is not so easy to maintain climbing flowers because they need to well trimmed or else your garden looks like an unkempt jungle.Here are some flowering climbing plants for your garden.

Flowering climbing plants for your garden are:

1.Bougainvillea: It is the commonest among climbing plants that flower, especially in tropical climates. You must have seen this papery colourful flower hanging from some wild vine or the other even on street sides. The most occurring colour is a magenta pink but you do find it in shades of white, purple etc. It is basically grown from cuttings because it is wild and easily available but beware, it has thorns.

2.Passion Flower: As the name has suggested it is very much a cousin of the passion fruit that we eat in winter. Now get ready to be amazed, there are about 500 species of this flower that are available and 80 percent of them are climbing flowers; the rest are shrubs. Passion flowers are usually known by their bright colours although of them come in smattering of white. A non attention seeking plant to begin with; soil is no issue at all, just give it sunshine with moist conditions and it will grow like weed.

3.Hydrangeas: Want really tall hanging plants, then climbing hydrangeas will do really well for you. These plants grow up to 50 feet tall when given the chance and the support to grow. They are very well adapted as climbing flowers because the have ‘hold fasts’ to catch on to the walls or any surface and grow. They can do well in moderate sunshine and slight shade.

4.Chocolate Vine: It gets its name from the unusual vanilla scent that it emits and the dark brown flowers that resemble chocolate buds. There is also a elongated sausage like fruit that you can eat. Chocolate vine is basically a scrambler from Japan. It grows well on fences and wires. The grown is more horizontal than vertical unlike hydrangeas. Keep it away from harsh direct sunlight and it will do just fine.

5.Blue Butterfly Vine: Again a very common hanging plant that we see and miss because it often grows in the wilderness. You will see it bloom in the melted ice of the mountains mid summer and it continues to flower till the end of autumn. Basically from the pa family this flower is rich royal blue and opens like butterfly wings.

These are the flowering climbing plants for your garden.

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