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Maria Helena Spector is a Peruvian painter and jewellery designer living in London. She also sells jewellery for women who have problems in getting necklaces for a larger plus size neck.

Maria Spector does of course sell pieces that fit an average sized neck too.Her necklaces are unique one of a kind pieces and are worked mainly with semi precious stone and gold leaf.

This beautiful necklace left by Maria Spector is Mother of Pearl and corals covered in 24ct gold leaf. The necklace right is made from amazonite, calcite, rose quartz and 24ct gold leaf and would give presence to any woman wearing it. Plus size women carry off strong bold pieces really well.

These very unusual necklaces have an earthy quality that is beyond mass produced Boho jewellery. You really won’t see loads of others wearing a necklace exactly the same as a one off from Maria. If you desire something unique then the work of a designing artist like Maria is the answer – she is an artist at work who loves her craft.


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