Fast Growing Plants For Your Apartment Garden

We might have moved to the big cities and become globe trotting professional but somewhere deep down everyone craves to see a bit of greenery in their homes.If you are planning to do some apartment gardening then the best indoor plants for you are those that grow quickly.Here are some fast growing plants for your apartment garden.

Fast growing plants for your apartment garden are:

1.Lucky Bamboo Plant: You must be wondering exactly how versatile this Feng Shui plant is.It can grow in water or soil, grows in low light, is very lucky for your home and also fast growing! It is just impossible to find another plant so suitable for indoor gardening as bamboo plants. They propagate very easily from stems. All you need to do if take a cutting from a lucky bamboo plant with something razor sharp and keep it dipped in water for a few days. The roots will emerge on there own; you can either replace it in a jar or grow it as a potted plant.

2.Cana Lily: Moving from a Chinese Feng Shui plant to a flowering one. Cana lily is special variety of lily that grows from a bulb. This bulb has to be placed under a shallow layer of earth for it to sprout on its own. They are the best fast growing plants for busy people because you don”t even have to bother watering them. They store water in the bulb that you can either buy or harvest from an older plant.

3.Dragon Plant: Also known as the Dracaena is a plant that grows about 10 to 15 feet tall. It is almost like a tree.It is a Mediterranean plant but is very adaptable to weather conditions. They are moderately resistant to sunshine and grow in almost all kinds of soil. This hardy plant with its shock of green leaves needs no pampering what so ever. You can grow it and forget about it as it keeps growing tall.

4.The Ivy Plant: Call it the Devil’s ivy or the English ivy but they are the best indoor plants in terms of quick growing properties. Again a very versatile plant that grows both in water, on earth and even on air. You put it anywhere it grows all over the place like a weed. In ancient times castles were run over by Ivy creepers for decoration and protection. The plant is a air purifier as it cleans the air of allergens and toxins but it is poisonous if eaten. Keep it out of reach of kids and pets if you plant to decorate with its dainty vines.

These are the fast growing plants for your apartment garden.

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