Exercises To Try At Work


Finishing job related tasks with a tension haunted mind and sitting on a chair for long working hours! This is what most people who have an office job do daily. If you are one among them, it is time for you to realize that you are approaching to the risk of many occupational health hazards. You also may have the same complaint as that of the rest 90% in your category – no time to exercise after working hours.Short portions of aerobics, strengthening exercises, stretching and relaxing techniques can be tried easily when you are in your office desk.Here are are some exercises to try at work.

Exercises to try at work are:

1.Stretching: Muscle stiffness is the most common reason for body pain, especially back pain. The best exercise to avoid muscle strain is stretching. You can do this while sitting on the chair. But, it will be more effective if you can just stand up and do a wide stretching.

2.The Desk Squat: This is one among exercises to try at work. Stand up from your chair and bend your knees in such a way that it comes parallel to the floor as if you are sitting. Keep your arms upward and stay in this position for ten seconds. Squatting will avoid the strain of sitting for long time.

3.Neck Exercises: Looking on the computer screen for long time will cause neck pain. Also wrong positioning of the computer screen, wrong height adjustment of the chair or table and wrong sitting posture will contribute to this. Bend your head to one side, so that it touches the shoulder and repeat it on the other side.

4.Wrist Exercises: Constant use of computer keyboards and type writers will cause compression of the median nerve. In long term, this can lead to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Stretch your hand with palm facing upwards. Pull the fingers to your side with the other hand till you feel maximum stretching. Release and repeat on the other side.

5.Leg Lifts: This is one among easy exercises to try at work while standing for long time. Stand straight and bend one leg, so that your heel touches on the back side of your thighs. Repeat this with the other leg. Do it for ten times alternatively. This is one of the best exercises to do at work to avoid knee pain.

6.Eye Exercise: Sitting for long hours staring at computer screen will make your eyes tired and it will cause vision problems. Try some eye exercises in an interval of one hour. Roll your eyeballs to the right and then to the left. Then, move them up and down.

These are the exercises to try at work.

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