Effects Of Over Friendly At Work

Everyone spend 9-12 hours in their workplace that becomes a second home for everyone these days. So it is very important for you to create a good atmosphere in your place of work. While spending hours at workplace, it is obvious for you to become friends with your colleagues especially in your department. The colleagues in the workplace differ in their characters. Few might be friendly and fun-loving but that cannot assure you with a sound friendship for your lifetime. So, one should not make fault of being over-friendly with colleagues at workplace.Here are some ways to know that over friendly at work is risky or not.

Effects of Over friendly at work are:

1.Groupism: This is the most frustrating phase in the workplace. You should avoid making personal groups in the organisation. Few like minded people form a group but, sometimes, this groupism can lead to a union. This is because, same ideas and thoughts can affect the work productivity to a greater extent.

2.Lack of concentration: Concentration is harmed as you are too busy chatting with your friends at work. This reduces your concentration and affects your productivity. If you are lacking concentration in the workplace, analyse the reasons behind it. Sometimes a friend at work can help you and find a solution for your problems.

3.Competition: As a professional attitude, there is a competition at every end. When you are over-friendly with your colleague, you tend to deviate from your goals and involve more in becoming personal.

4.No professionalism: Professionalism becomes mandatory in any workplace. It reflects the person’s behaviour and sincerity at work. When there is no proficiency in the work, people tend to lose interest in whatever task they are entitled to. When you are over-friendly with your colleagues, you lack the seriousness of job and this effects your professionalism.

These are the effects of over friendly at work.

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