Easy Ways To Clean Your Kitchen Apron

Your apron gets dirty easily and the stains of vegetables, oil or sauce can become very difficult to get rid of. An apron protects your dress from getting unwanted stains while cooking but if the apron becomes dirty, you give it for laundry. Washing apron with hands is more effective than giving for laundry. If you wash stained aprons with other clothes, you can end up staining every cloth in the machine.Here are some easy ways to clean your kitchen apron.

Easy ways to clean your kitchen apron are:

1.Read the fabric instructions before washing them. If the apron can be washed in hot or warm water, soak the apron for 20-30 minutes. Add some detergent in the water.

2.If you have dry stains, add 3 tsp of ammonia in half bucket water and then soak the apron for 20 minutes. Use a brush if required to remove stains from the apron.

3.You can get rid of grease stains by using a liquid dish wash. These washes remove grease easily. Apply some on the stain and then rub till the stains disappears.

4.Aprons smell of onion, garlic and wine or water. To have nice smelling apron, soak it in hydrogen peroxide for 10-15 minutes after washing and then rinse once in water.

5.You can also use milk to get rid of stains from the kitchen apron. Wash with water and white vinegar to remove the smell of milk from it. The smell of white vinegar will reduce after drying.

6.Another easy tip to remove stains from kitchen apron is by rubbing club soda on the stain. Wet the apron and then rub club soda till the stain disappears.

7.Lemon with salt is a simple tip to wash kitchen aprons at home! You can either add salt and few drops of lemon juice in water and soak the apron. Another way is by using lemon slice with salt on the stain. Wash the kitchen apron in warm water and air dry. Iron and use the fresh nice smelling apron.

These are the tips to clean your kitchen apron.

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