Easy Hacks For Everyday Life

Some simple everyday hacks can make life really easy.

  1. For several reasons, your room often smells bad and when you turn on the AC, it becomes intolerable. You just need to tape a dryer sheet on the AC machine and turn it on.
  2. Sometimes after making juices remnants are there and it could not be removed by running plenty of water. The best method to get rid off this problem is to pour liquid soap in the blender. whirl it and rinse well. We will get a clean blender.
  3. Its very heavy to keep all the cards in purse. Better take photographs of important cards for easy use. If we lose any cards, you still have all the information.
  4. Its very difficult to iron a button-up shirt. Just turn it inside out and you can remove every crease of a buttoned-up shirt easily while ironing it.
  5. It is impossible to wash your clothes while travelling. Put a scented soap bar inside your dirty laundry. It will keep the clothes smelling fresh.

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