Distance Is Just A Number For True Relationships

Distance can never come in the way of true love. This fact has been reiterated to us a number of times in the form of English novels and Bollywood movies. However, many people are of the belief that most love stories these days (particularly the ones concerning young boys and girls) are based on lust and physical attraction and will not survive the test of distance. But, this is far from being true.

In fact, it is pretty fair to say that today’s love is as pure and complete as that of the yesteryear’s generation. The form of kindling and maintaining the same may have differed; however, the essence of love remains the same.

Another point to be noted here is the fact that today’s generation is the one that has moved way beyond the narrow shackles of caste and ethnicity and is now exploring wider horizons in the pursuit of love.

With this, if the relationship is true, distance is just a number and every nautical mile brings a smile.

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