Delhi-based Kerala woman gang-raped by 23 men in Bikaner

The Bikaner police has arrested six persons after a 28 year old woman from New Delhi alleged that she was gang-raped by 23 men in Bikaner on September 25.

In her complaint, the girl has said that she has a plot in Ridmalsar Purohitan, near Khatu Shyamji temple, just outside Bikaner city.

“After attending to the plot, at 2:30-3:00 pm, I was waiting on Jaipur road for a vehicle to go to Bikaner city when a camper approached me and two men got down. They asked where I was going and I said I’ve to go to Bikaner. They said that they can drop me off but I declined”.

“However, they forced me into the camper while shutting my mouth with their hands,” the girl said.

She says the duo then took the camper towards Palana. She alleges the duo raped her and then called six more persons, who also raped her. She was then allegedly taken to an ‘office building’ where more men raped her.

In her police complaint, she has alleged that ‘about 23 men’ raped her and she was then dumped near the spot – from where she was picked up – at about 4 am on September 26.

In a statement before the magistrate however, the girl said that she was gang-raped by eight men.

“She hails from Kerala and has a bangle business, which, apart from the piece of land she bought two years ago, kept bringing her here”, Bikaner SP Sawai Singh Godara said.


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