Day Makeup Tips To Get Natural Look

Makeup can enhance your beauty and overall appearance. Women love to wear makeup at any time of the day just to look gorgeous. However, very few women know the difference between day and night makeup. Day makeup should be light and look natural. Whereas, the night makeup is loud and bright. Here are some day makeup tips to get natural look.

Day makeup tips to get natural look are:

1.Eye makeup: During the day time, dark eye makeup can look really scary and clumsy. So, avoid applying dark eyeshadow in the day time. Go for neutral or nude coloured eyesahdow that will look natural and classy. Avoid shimmer eyeshadow as it will not look good in the day time. Another important tip for day makeup is, you should avoid darkening both the upper and lower eye line (with eyeliner or mascara). To get the perfect day look, just apply a thin line of eyeliner or kajal on the upper lash line. Skip the bottom. This will make your face look clean and fresh whole day long. If you are used to applying kajal in the lower lash line, then draw a thin line. It will not smudge and look gorgeous too. Mascara too should be avoided in the day time. However, if you want, you can curve your lashes a little for highlighting your eyes.

2.Cheeks: Wash your face with a face wash. Soak a cotton ball with toner and wipe your face. A toner keeps the makeup intact for long and prevents it from smudging. Always use a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Always follow this makeup tip for both day and night makeup. It makes your face look natural and gorgeous too. Prefer a liquid foundation as it blends easily with the skin tone. Follow up with a similar shade of compact. Now, use a natural matte blush for achieving the neutral day makeup. With a brush, apply the neutral blush on your cheeks. Avoid rosy blush in the day time.

3.Lips: One important tip for day time makeup is, you should apply nude lip colours. This enhances the day makeup and looks natural too. If you want, you can apply a shimmer gloss. Just make sure you do not apply dark colours like red or brown. Touch up whenever it is required to look subtle and fresh all day long.

These are the day makeup tips to get natural look.

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