Creative Painting Ideas To Beautify Your Kid’s Room

The first wall they would like to experiment would be their kid’s room. Various designs of wall painting are available in the market after the idea of wall painting gained momentum.To start with the kids room, involve them in painting walls as it is their room, their space of creativity so it is best to let them decorate their way.Here are some creative painting ideass to beautify your kid’s room.

Creative painting ideas to beautify your kid’s room are:

1.The most commonly used wall paint design is the palm impression. You can choose the color of your choice but make sure it is bright as they are young and would crave for colorful shades. Color the wall completely with a color. Brush the palms with different colors contrast to the wall paint color. Press the palms on the walls (you can leave spaces between the impressions or can even overlap).

2.Sponges can be used to color walls, all that you will need is practice. Color your wall completely with bright colors like blue, red or yellow. Now take a sponge of small size depending on the length you choose to cover with your sponge paint. If you are using any bright color, pick up a shimmery color or light color shade for sponger painting. For example, if your wall is blue then choose silver color for sponge painting. Now wet the sponge in the paint and squeeze out excess of paint. Rub the sponge on the wall clockwise to make a rough circles. Remember, your child is not experienced so don”t go after perfection. Imperfect wall painting makes the room look naturally like a kids room.

3.Hand drawing on the wall is very easy and common too. You can draw flowers which every small kid learns first to draw or else rainbows, moon, stars and clouds for the walls facing the bed. It makes the room look creative.

4.You can stick “radium stickers” (available in stationery stores) on the wall. It glows in the dark making the room look like small planetarium. The stickers can be glued to walls and are easy to maintain.

5.A different way to paint your wall is abstract painting. Simply spraying drops of color itself will result in a abstract design. It is an easy method and any number of people (including kids) can be involved for spray painting. Random designs are always termed as modern and trendy so try and get the fun with kids this summer vacation.

6.Gotch- potch room painting is one of the most preferable paintings. Allow the child draw anything on the wall. The Swirls, spirals and circles are their common drawings and can become trendy wall decor designs. Let them free and watch the fun, finishing touches can be done by the elders.

Allow your kids to exhibit their creative side and watch the happiness on their face while doing such extra curricular task, and that too, in their own wall room (wall decor). Take safety precautions (like using gloves and oil) while painting with chemicals and thinners. Wash their hands well with a kids’ safe soap and also apply a moisturiser to protect their hands from harsh chemicals.

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