Crazy Things That Should Stop Doing At Work


In an office we come across different types of people. There are the noisy ones, the silent ones, the creepy ones and of course there are some who are uncontrollably annoying.It is because of their habits people around are unable to complete their day to day tasks.There are always things happening in your office space which makes work harder than it already seems to be. Sometimes, those ‘things’ are your colleagues and at times you yourself are that annoying colleague.Here are some crazy things that you should stop doing at work.

Crazy things that you should stop doing at work are:

1.Belching At The Bay: Belching or burping at the bay is disgusting. If you are blessed to have an annoying partner who keeps burping behind you, remind her/him to knock it off silently.

2.Talking Loudly On The Phone: Talking loudly on the phone is another thing we should stop doing at work. It is not only a nuisance, but is also a bad habit.

3.Those Crazy Ring tones: Do you think that your crazy ring tone is pleasing to one’s ears. Act your age and go silent at least in office.

4.Soft Farts: Those soft smelly farts are not welcome in an office surrounding, especially when blessed with an AC environment. It is always better to do your business in the loo.

5.Killing The Keyboard: One of the thing we should stop doing at work is killing the keyboard, inch by inch. It may be a habit, so find ways to go easy on the board.

6.Those Unnecessary Sounds: It annoying when your next door mate, randomly picks up a conversation and briefs up on uncanny noises, just to get attention! Yes, this is another thing we should stop doing at work.

7.Digging For Gold: You will find at least one type of colleague who will love to dig for gold during office hours. If you are that type,it is advisable to pick on your nose in the loo.

8.Not Flushing Down: Not flushing the loo is another thing which creeps the whole lot of us in an office.

9.Eating At The Desk: Opening a tiffin and eating at the desk is another bad habit which most employees do. This is one of the many things we should stop doing at work.

10.Being Too Chatty: No one admires colleagues who are too chatty at the desk. It can be annoying to some at the same time enjoyable for others to eavesdrop.

11.Leg Shaking: Shaking a leg at the desk is a syndrome. If you are one who has this habit,stop doing at work.

12.Bad Breath: Bad breath is not at welcome in an office. It is one of the many annoying things to come across in this space.

These are the crazy things that should stop doing at work.

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