CPI(M) unleashing cadres to ‘eliminate’ rivals: Jaitley

Amid macabre political killings in Kerala, Union Minister Arun Jaitley accused the state’s ruling CPI(M) of unleashing its cadres for “eliminating rivals and creating en environment of violence”.

Jaitley, who was in Thiruvananthapuram to provide a healing touch to the family of RSS worker Rajesh, allegedly killed by CPI(M) cadres on July 29, mounted a scathing attack on the LDF government, saying incidents of violence increased every time it came to power.

“Every time the LDF is in power, incidents of violence increase. The kind of wounds that were inflicted on Rajesh would even have embarrassed terrorists,” he told reporters.

Eearlier, addressing a condolence meeting for Rajesh, Jaitley said the ruling party cadres were being “eliminating its political opponents and creating an environment of violence”.

The CPI(M), he said, needed to introspect.

Jaitley, who visited the family of Rajesh in the morning, accused the police of bias, insisting it was a “silent spectator” when RSS and BJP workers were attacked and killed.

The BJP-RSS and CPI(M) cadres are locked in a bloody battle of attrition in the state which has claimed several lives on both sides. There has been a spurt in such incidents in the recent past as the BJP seeks to expand its base in the state.


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