CPI(M) stalwart V.S Achuthanandan turns 93

Senior CPI(M) leader V.S Achuthanandan turned 93 on Thursday.

A founder leader of CPI(M) after the split in undivided CPI(M) in 1964, Achuthanandan is no stranger to controversies. Compelled to end formal education at the primary stage, he was soon attracted to the fledgling trade union movement in Alappuzha, a bustling commercial town in the early decades of last century.

His life since then has been inseparably linked with the history of the Communist movement in the state through all its vital moments like the Punnapra-Vayalar uprising, nationwide ban on the party following the ‘Calcutta thesis’, split in the movement, arrest of CPI(M) leaders during the India-China war and the internal emergency and faction feuds in the party.

An astute campaigner and shrewd strategist, Achuthanandan has played a vital role along with late E.M.S Namboodiripad, A.K Gopalan and E.K Nayanar in building the CPI(M) as the biggest Communist group in the state after the 1964 split.


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