Common Symptoms Of Menopause In Women

All women certainly experience menopause and this is inevitable. There are also many unwanted symptoms that comes along menopause. These symptoms occur during the premenopause stage and can occur a few months to four years before the last periods. The symptoms of menopause vary between women. Some might pass this phase without any complications or difficulty. Meanwhile some might be too disastrous and lasting for a while.

The symptoms of menopause has also been associated with lowered production of oestrogen or progesterone, the two female sex hormones of women. Hence these vary widely between different women. There are a number of symptoms that women should pay attention to. Hence preparation and necessary treatment has to be taken in some cases.Here are some common symptoms of menopause in women.

Common symptoms of menopause in women are:

1.Changes In Menstrual Cycle: This is the first symptom of menopause. Women will experience irregular, short or longer, or absent periods from what they used to.

2.Vaginal Dryness: Due to the reduction in the levels of the two female sex hormone, this can affect the thin level of moisture coating the vaginal walls, thus causing vaginal dryness. This is one of the top symptoms of menopause in women.

3.Decreased Libido: This is a decreased feeling of interest in sex. Some of these symptoms include slow orgasm response, vaginal dryness and delayed clitoral reaction.

4.Breast Pain: Hormonal changes can cause breast pain, breast tenderness or soreness in one or both the breasts.

5.Headaches: These headaches occur due to low levels of oerstrogen hormone during the menstrual cycle.

6.Burning Tongue: Low oestrogen levels in the body can damage the taste buds and also set off pain in the surrounding neurons.

7.Irregular Heart Beat: The reason for this hormonal imbalance due to the deficiency of oestrogen. This can stimulate the nervous system and the circulatory system, thus leading to irregular heartbeat palpitations.

8.Joint Pain: Oestrogen hormone helps inhibit inflammation in the joints. Lower levels of this hormone can cause inflammation as well as joint pain. This is also one of the first signs of menopause.

9.Osteoporosis: Oestrogen is associated with calcium absorbing process into the bones. When this hormone is less, there maybe a serious reduction in the bone density, leading to osteoporosis.

10.Frequent Urination: During menopause women, find it difficult to control their bladder. This is because the tissues in the vagina and the urethra are out of elasticity and lining thins down during menopause. This can also be considered as one of the early signs of menopause.

These are the common symptoms of menopause in women.

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