Case filed against P.C George MLA for waving gun

A case has been filed against Independent MLA P.C George by Mundakayam police for waving gun over a mob on Thursday following a compliant received from estate workers.

George placed a mob in gunpoint while he was on a visit to a private estate to solve a land encroachment issue.

The incident happened following the estate workers sprung up in huge numbers to evict over 50 families who allegedly encroached the land.

The MLA engaged in a brawl with the workers and waved a palm-fit gun.

Workers said that the legislator frightened them by saying he will pour acid over them if they evict the families.

George said that he is a licensed gun-holder and has every right to fire if he is attacked. The MLA went to add that he was aware that the workers had acid bulbs and bombs in their hands and that is the reason of him carrying the gun.

Reiterating his stand for protecting the families who are in fear of eviction, George said that poor families were living near the estate for years and those who want to evict them are fringe elements who want to encroach the land and he visited the place on the request of from the feared families.


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