Car doors & Bike riders safety tips

Car door sticker pack

VicRoads has developed a sticker pack to remind drivers and passengers to look for bike riders before getting in and out of their car. The pack is an information card holding a set of four transparent stickers and a bumper sticker.

Car door statistics

One of the biggest risks to bike riders is car doors being opened into their path. The bike rider may swerve out further into the road or collide with the car door, often with serious consequences.

Between 2007 and 2011 there was an average of 38 serious injuries per year as a result of car door and bike rider collisions. There has been one fatality in the last five years. This is eight per cent of all bike rider serious injuries and fatalities.
The regulation and fine

Rule 269(3) of the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules 2009 states it is an offence to cause a hazard to a person or a vehicle by opening a car door, leaving a door of a vehicle open, or getting off, or out of, a vehicle.

Please note that this offence covers a range of situations when people are getting in or out of vehicles – for example opening a car door into the path of a bike rider, dismounting a motorcycle, or stepping out of a bus.

Advice for drivers

Bike riders are legitimate road users, and are therefore entitled to use the road just the same as any other road user. Car drivers and bike riders should share the road safely and look out for each other. As a driver or a passenger:

Get into the habit of always using your mirrors and doing a head check before opening your car door

Bike riders can travel quickly and may be much closer than you think

When getting into your car, face the oncoming traffic so you can see bike riders (and other road users) travelling towards you. Do not open your car door until they have passed.

Bike riders can ride between parked cars and the lane of traffic so, as a passenger, do not get out of a stationary car when in moving traffic

Advice for riders

Look out for drivers and passengers getting in and out of parked cars
Be vigilant when riding and ride out of the car door zone
If this is not possible, make sure you are even more aware of the traffic behind
In places where there are a lot of parked cars, slow down
Wear bright coloured clothing and use lights at night or in conditions of low light
Share the road safely.

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