Brilliant Beauty Uses Of Rose Water

Rose water is one of the cheapest, yet effective, remedies you can find in your vanity box. So far, beauty use of rose water was pretty clear.You use it to whip up your regular face mask, for that added dose of goodness. What if we say, you can treat fine lines, remove dark circles or set makeup, all with rose water.

Rose water is hands-down the best multi-tasker out there. It can hydrate, refresh and cleanse the skin, all at a really affordable price. However, before further exploring how to use rose water, you need to prep your skin first. Cleanse your skin with a wash that is suited to your skin type. Never cleanse your face more than twice a day. Avoid touching your face too much. And always apply a sunscreen, at least, an hour before stepping out. And as a golden rule, have ample amount of H20 to hydrate your body and skin.Here are some beauty uses of rose water.

Beauty uses of rose water are:

1.Makeup remover: Drench a cotton pad with rose water and rub it onto your skin in a circular motion to remove makeup. Once the makeup loosens, repeat the process with a fresh cotton pad to remove every last trace.

2.Skin refresher: Fill a spray bottle with half a cup of rose water and a few drops of almond oil. Place it in the refrigerator to chill. To refreshen your skin, simply squirt the solution onto your skin, let it get absorbed naturally. Blot out the excess with a tissue paper.

3.Set makeup: To give your makeup a nice and finished look, try this simple trick. Take half a cup of rose water and add a tablespoon of glycerin to it. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle. Once done with makeup, spritz your face lightly with the solution. Allow it to dry completely, avoid blotting, as it can disturb the makeup.

4.Radiance mask: Mix a tablespoon of potato juice with half a teaspoon of rose water. Mix it well. Apply it liberally over your face and neck. Let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Once your skin starts to feel stretched, rinse it clean with plain water. Natural bleaching agent and antioxidant present in this DIY rose water mask will make your skin super-soft and radiant.

5.Toner: Mix 1 tablespoon of raw milk with an equal amount of rose water. Dip a cotton ball into the solution, wring out the excess. Rub it onto your face and neck. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse it clean. Lactic acid present in this rose water mask will remove the deeply embedded dirt residue from the skin, while hydrating the skin.

6.Sunscreen lotion: Vitamin C in rose water has excellent sun-blocking properties. Mix 1 teaspoon of glycerin, with an equal amount of rose water and half a teaspoon of cucumber juice. Apply it to your skin at least 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun.

These are the beauty uses of rose water.

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