Breastfeeding Benefits For Mom and baby

Today, we shall talk about the benefits of breastfeeding for both the baby and the mother.

The Benefits Of Breastfeeding For The Baby

Healthy Infan

It is seen that the immature digestive system of the baby may not be able to digest formula milk or cow’s milk. It can cause indigestion, colic and other problems for the baby.

Prevents Autoimmune Diseases

Feeding the baby breast milk makes sure that the baby’s body is familiar with the antigens in the mother’s body.

Prevents Allergies And Common Diseases

The mother’s milk helps mature the immune system in the baby. This way, the baby is protected from allergies and common diseases.

Reduces The Chance Of Cancer In The Baby

There are a few kinds of cancers that are seen in babies and children. Research has shown that breastfeeding helps in reducing the chances of developing these cancers.

The Benefits Of Breastfeeding To The Mother

Weight Management

There is no better way to lose the pregnancy weight than by breastfeeding. It is called liposuction of the nature.

Better Post-delivery Healing

The act of breastfeeding releases a hormone named oxytocin. This hormone helps in the healing of the body and wounds incurred during the delivery.

Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breastfeeding reduces the chance of a woman developing pre-menopausal breast cancer.

Birth Protection

Though it is not 100% way of birth protection; but it is seen that breastfeeding helps prevent another pregnancy.

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