BJP local leader makes hate speech at protest march

Amid sporadic incidents of violence between the CPI(M) and RSS cadres in Kerala, a district-level BJP leader on Tuesday threatened its political rivals with dire consequences.

While addressing a protest march in Thiruvananthapuram, BJP district president S. Suresh said there is peace at nearby Parasala and Anavoor due to the RSS’ ‘generosity’ despite repeated attacks on its cadres, allegedly by CPI(M) workers.

“Once the generosity ends, the situation will go out of control. We will go after the hands and heads of those who attack us,” he added.

Suresh was inaugurating a march organised to protest the recent attacks on RSS workers in these two towns.

In the latest incident elsewhere, an RSS worker Choorakad Biju was hacked to death, allegedly by CPI(M) activists, at Payyannur in Kannur district on May 12.


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