Best Kid’s Crafts For A Vibrant Room Decor

You will find a mix and match of crafts related to it. It may look hard but is very simple with a little homework.Decorating kid”s room with their crafted work would be a nice attempt to encourage your kid”s work and also their learning process. Try with the simplest and easiest, if it is the first time. Giving a difficult task may discourage the child and make him/her lose interest.Here are some kid’s crafts for a vibrant room decor.

If you want decorate your room decor and would want your kids to do it then it is best to start with simple decorative crafts (semi done). Working on a ready made item is better for starters. All you need is some innovative ideas for crafting.


1.Items like buckets, pen stands and aquarium.
2.Colors of your choice. Prefer contrast colors to make it clear and visible.
3.Handmade papers/ chart papers
4.Color pens/ glitter pens
5.Color stones and gems
6.Glue and metallic twine
7.Aluminum foil, ribbons and color nets
8.Color Paints

How to make it:

1.Take the handmade paper/ chart paper and cut it into different designs of choice (like stars, fish, and grasses if you are decorating the aquarium).

2.Color the cut pieces, paint them and paste it on the item.

3.Take the item and cover the upper surface with color nets or satin ribbons. Crush the net and tie it at the center with metallic twines.

4.Cover the tied knots on the surface by sticking colored gems over them.

5.You can cover the middle surface with aluminum foil if it is a pen stand and then stick the paper cuttings on it.

6.Draw designs or else write names with glitter pen if required.You can paint the kid”s palms with different colors and press them on small pieces of paper to fill in spaces.

By following these steps you can make simple decorative crafts that can add to the look of your room decor, be it living room decor or kids’ room decor or dining room decor. Colorful paper crafts look attractive, colorful and inexpensive. Try it out and see the change in the room and in your child”s interest.

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