Best Homemade Baby Foods


When the baby is six months old, s/he is introduced to solid food and parents are often in a dilemma as to what foods should be chosen for their babies. Though there are all kinds of food available, one has to be very considerate. Moms should always introduce all new foods separately, an interval of four days is preferred. This helps in identifying any digestion issues or possible food allergies.

Wholesome Brown Rice Cereal

As compared to white rice, brown rice has more nutrients and is great for overall development of babies. To prepare rice cereal, one should make rice powder by grinding brown rice in a spice grinder which makes the powder quite fine. To prepare the cereal, bring one cup of water to boil and add ¼ cup of brown rice powder. Reduce the heat to the lowest level and constantly stir for about 10 minutes otherwise the rice will stick.

Carrot Puree

Very often we have been told that carrots improve vision, specially night vision, as these are best sources of vitamin A. apart from that, there are too many anti-oxidants in carrots that protect the eyes against cataracts and other aging effects. Older and larger carrots contain more nutrients than smaller ones. Simply trim the ends and slice them. Afterwards, boil in water or steam to make them tender and prepare a puree.


One of the most important and nutritious first foods of the baby, bananas are easily digestible and ready to eat. One simply has to peel a banana and mash it using a fork and it`s prepared. Bananas are rich in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium. The best part is that all babies love them because of their sweetness. Bananas also contain pectin fiber that regulates digestive system. One has to ensure that the banana is ripen as an unripe banana can cause constipation.


One of the least allergic foods, apples are easy to digest, reduce symptoms of asthma and prevent constipation. Even as the baby grows, make it into a habit of eating apples everyday as they are beneficial for everyone in the longer run as well. They control cholesterol levels, protect against heart problems and certain cancers. Steam or bake apples to soften them and then mash to make a puree.

One should remember that all babies are different and have their own likes and dislikes. So, one should not feed a certain food forcibly just because it`s good for babies.



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