Benefits Of Laughing Out Loud

The reason why the first Sunday in the month of May is celebrated every year as the “World Laughter Day” is to spread awareness about the importance of laughter.Laughing is healthy. Laughter helps us change ourselves and change others around us. Laughter spreads positive energy.

When you laugh, your moods change and positive emotions arise unconsciously. That is why groups of people gather to spend time laughing together. It is a healthy practice that strengthens bonds and boosts overall happiness.Laughter is a miraculous haler. It is a remedy that cures many problems. It simply changes the state of mind instantly. And that is why laughter has become a therapy now.

Laughter yoga has become popular all over the world. Today’s society needs laughter and peace more than anything else.Man has progressed so much in the fields of science and technology but forgot to laugh amidst the stress of daily life. This laughter day reminds all of us how to switch on the healing process inside the body and mind by simply stretching the lips to laugh out loud with our loved ones.

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