Benefits Of Having A Glass of Coriander Juice To Your Daily Diet

Coriander or cilantro (called “Dhaniya” in Hindi and many other Indian languages) is a remarkably beneficial herb.It is a member of the apiaceous family, popularly known as the carrot family. Unlike other members of this family cilantro or coriander grows all the year around.The plant grows up to a height of 1 to 2 feet and possesses dark green, hairless, soft leaves having a variable shape which are broad at the base of the plant and slender and feathery higher on near the flowering stems.

All parts of the plant are edible. It is cheap and easily available. It has eleven components of essential oils, six types of acids (including ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C), minerals and vitamins, each having a number of beneficial properties.Although coriander or cilantro leaves are used globally and locally as a food ingredient, adding an extra glass of juice to your daily diet can do wonders to your general health.All you need to do is take a bunch of coriander or cilantro leaves. Wash them clean. Mince them into small pieces. Put them in a pot and pour clean drinking water.Boil it for around 10 minutes.This is followed by cooling it. One may add a dash of lime to impart it a tangy test.Here are some benefits of having a glass of coriander juice to your daily diet.

Benefits of having a glass of coriander juive to your daily diet are:

1.Dermatological Benefits: Cilantro juice has amazing benefits for the skin. It prevents several skin disorders such as eczema, dryness and fungal infections. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which resolves many minor and major dermatological issues.

2.Cardiovascular Benefits: Cilantro or coriander has an ample amount of essential oils. These essential oils help in lowering LDL or bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol. This improves the functioning of the heart in particular and cardiovascular system in general.

3.Anaemia: It helps cure anaemia. Cilantro or coriander is rich in iron and an important component haemoglobin. This compound is responsible for increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and thus helps treat anaemia.

4.Lowers Blood Pressure: Cilantro or coriander has ample amount of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. Furthermore, it is low in sodium. This ratio of high potassium to low sodium is essential in lowering the blood pressure of the body. Thus cilantro helps to combat blood pressure.

5.A Rich Source Of Antioxidants: Coriander leaves are a rich powerhouse of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent other molecules from getting oxidized thus preventing many diseases. Anti-oxidants have also been found to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

6.Gastrointestinal Benefits: Consumption of coriander juice improves digestion by aiding production of digestive enzymes. Thus it prevents the advent of diseases like indigestion and flatulence.

7.Stronger Bones: Coriander contains minerals like calcium which are essential for the health of the bones. It helps bone regrowth and helps resist bone-related diseases like osteoporosis.

8.Oral Health: Essential oils present in coriander have anti-septic properties which help soothe painful mouth ulcers. Moreover, coriander has anti microbial properties which helps keep your mouth clean. In fact, it is an effective remedy for bad breath and can be considered a mouth freshener.

9.Weight Loss: Consumption of coriander juice early in the morning can provide the required kick to the metabolism. It also keeps you full. Thus it aids in weight loss.

10.Hormonal Balance: Essential oils present in coriander are important for maintaining hormonal balances. Regular consumption of this drink will fight menstrual problems.

These are the benefits of having a glass of coriander juice to your daily diet.

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