Being Friends With HR Benefits To Know


The people working in Human Resources are not to be feared and alienated. Most of the time, your relationship with an HR can make or break your career. It is a frequent misconception that HR only sides with the management. Since HR is your link to the management, it behooves you to stay on their good side.When you are having problems with the management, you will have only HR to support you. Therefore, it is quite simple to see why you should cultivate and maintain a good rapport with HR. But being friends with HR will give you some added perks at work.Here are some benefits of being friends with HR.

Benefits of being friends with HR are:

1.Positive Feedback: People at HR know what makes you tick. They know all your strengths and weaknesses. They will be able to give you a push in the right direction to obtain optimum results. Having a friend like HR at your work place, who motivate you whenever you face a set back in your career will work wonders for your confidence and productivity.

2.Personal Information: If you have some sensitive information in your personal file, you should be wary. Since the HR people are privy to your personal files, being friends with them will ensure that no information about you will leak out to your co-workers.

3.Recruitment Techniques: Having an HR friend is an excellent way to understand the various tips and tricks to always get hired. It will be a very illuminating peek inside the mind of your interviewer. Your friend can instruct you on what to put on your resume and how to behave or respond during an interview.

4.Comfort Level: If you face any sort of issue at work, you will have to go to HR to sort it out. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable going to your HR friend. You will have the confidence that your problems will be solved by somebody who cares.

5.Increase Productivity: Being friends with HR is an excellent way to improve productivity and make yourself indispensable to the company. They help you produce incentive plans to raise profits, find an appraisal device to advance your hiring success and revamp career.

6.Problem Solving: Whenever you get into trouble with the management, it will be of immense help to have an HR friend. You can relax a little knowing that your rights will be safeguarded by non other than your friend, instead of leaving your career at the mercy of a stranger or a polite-but-distant co-worker.

7.Heads Up: It is always beneficial to get a heads up every time the company thinks of laying off its employees. Having an HR friend means you will always stay inside the loop. It offers you a certain amount of job security, as you will be warned of any policy that might adversely affect your career.

These are the benefits of being friends with HR.

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