Beauty oF Friendships

Here are a few reasons why women find solace in female friends more

  1. Women go through similar situations: Women connect more with female friends because they go through almost the same things in life. A female friend will be able to better understand your PMS or your mood swings because they themselves go through the same.
  2. Good Listeners: Female friends will try to listen to you. You can rant about anything on earth and they will absorb everything like a sponge. They will also not try to be judgemental on you.
  3. No More Pretension: You can be your truest self with them. You don’t have to lie to them about your preferences regarding anything.
  4. They Are Extremely Reliable: Female friends can be your 4 AM saviours. Need a ride home after a night of heavy partying? Need to escape from a horrible blind date? Count on your best friend to come to your rescue in any sticky situation.

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