Beach Safety Tips For Fun Family Trips

You can keep your kids safe and ensure the day is memorable for all the right reasons. Follow these tips on beach safety for kids, and share them with family members and friends.

Beach safety tips for fun family trips are:

1.Stay alert and aware: If you’re planning a beach trip where you’ll be the only adult – reconsider. Your eyes must be on kids at all times to keep them safe from drowning, developing severe sunburn or getting lost in the crowd. Plan beach trips with other responsible family members and friends and don’t doze or get lost in a book if you’re in charge of children.

2.Reinforce rip current safety: You probably remember riptide safety tips from your own childhood: remain calm; don’t fight the current; swim at an angle toward the shore. The danger of riptides is very real and an important one to consider regarding beach safety for kids. These currents flowing outward from the beach are a significant hazard for even the most experienced swimmers. Make sure you know these riptide safety tips:Pay attention to lifeguard warnings and water safety flags. Don’t allow your kids to swim unless a lifeguard is on duty.Don’t leave children unattended, not even for a minute. let small or inexperienced children swim alone.
Ensure non-swimmers wear approved safety gear. Stay away from piers and jetties. Permanent rip currents exist near these structures.Teach kids riptide safety tips. Before heading to the beach, make sure kids know what to do in case of emergency – swim parallel to the shore, float or tread water until free of the current, and draw attention by yelling for lifeguard assistance.

3.Don’t let kids dig deep holes:A moat around the castle or a tiny pond for a new sand crab friend are fine, but don’t allow children to dig holes deeper than their knees (when standing) or play in pre-existing holes. Recent reports have shown these holes can collapse, trapping and suffocating children or quickly filling with water which can lead to drowning.

4.Watch kids near any water: Babies and young children can drown in as little as an inch of water. That means any tide pool, puddle or sandcastle moat can pose a risk. Some of the most important beach safety tips include keeping little ones at arm’s length and keeping a close eye on everything they’re doing.

5.Set clear boundaries: To avoid losing kids on a crowded beach, let older kids know where they’re allowed to go – and no further – and make sure they memorize landmarks like nearby lifeguard stands. Make sure small children are supervised at all times by a responsible family member or friend, or just take them with you for bathroom trips or snack runs. If your child does get away from you, tell your lifeguard immediately. He or she can radio others along the beach.

6.Remember other beach basics: Slather on sunscreen every hour or two and keep kids protected under hats, sunglasses and beach umbrellas. Tell children not to touch marine life – dead or alive – to avoid nasty stings or bites. Avoid packing perishable food like mayonnaise-based sandwiches for your beach picnic.If you’re going to be hanging out by the pool check out these three cool rules for keeping your family safe in and around the pool.

These are the beach safety tips for fun family trips.

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