Basic Rules To Grow Healthy Plants In Your Home

Gardening is not just a hobby, it is an expertise based on science. Most of the new gardeners cultivate gardening merely as a hobby and that is why they are not able to a achieve the perfection of professional horticulturist. If you are a new gardener who has the modest wish to grow healthy plants, then all you need is basic tricks of the trade.Here are some basic rules to grow healthy plants in your home.

Basic rules to grow healthy plants in your home are:

1.Know Your Plant: The most important step in rearing a plant is to know about it thoroughly. Every plant belongs to a different species and family. You cannot grow a cactus and an aquatic plant in the same way. You need to how to grow a particular plant specifically.

2.Prepare The Right Soil: Every type of plant has its own soil specifications. Some plants like soil with a lot of clay. Some plants like sandy well draining soil. If you get the right soil for the plant then you will end up with healthy plants.

3.Seed Or Sapling: Some plants grow better from seeds; others grow faster from saplings. You need to know which form of planting is better for you. A new gardener should always start with saplings because it needs a lot of effort to make seeds sprout and you may not be able to do it right.

4.When To Sow: Plants are divided into two main categories; perennial and seasonal. A perennial plant can be sowed at any time of the year but seasonal plants have specific time period for sowing, flowering and withering.

5.To Water Or Not To Water: Different plant families have different watering need. Some plants need to be watered twice a week and others need to watered just once a week. You will have to know how much to water your each plant in order to keep it healthy. Also, the watering needs of the plant change as they grow.

6.Sunshine Or Shade: Some plants need shady spots to grow, others need bright sunshine while some like indirect sunlight. You have to know exactly where to place your plant with respect to the sun. Too much of sunlight can make a plant wilt and too little will result in stunted growth or decay of the plant.

7.What Kind Of Weather It Likes: It is not enough to know how to grow a plant. You also need to know in what kind of climate you can grow that plant. For example, there is no point trying to grow tropical flowers in a region that gets snowfall all year round.

These are the basic rules to grow healthy plant in your garden.

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