Baby’s Oral Health Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Breast feeding is considered to be one of the most healthy and beneficial acts for both the mother and the baby in the early developmental months.Its health benefits have never been or will be disputed. However, off lately, the question among the new mothers regarding why breastfeeding is good for baby’s oral health have caused some extremely heated discussions and forums on line.Most mothers are worried about the oral health of their little angels and want to provide only the best for their little one.Breastfeeding is an extremely essential and important practice that can prevent several dental or oral problems not only in the present but also in the future for the child.

Several studies have been conducted to correlate dental health with breastfeeding. The results yielded by such researches were astonishing due to a number of facts revealed by them.One of the major findings was that the children, who were breastfeed during their infant years were less likely to suffer from dental or oral health issues as compared to the other children who were bottle fed. Also, their development of teeth and jaw was much better.Here are some oral health benefits of breastfeeding.

Baby’s oral health benefits of breastfeeding are:

1.Flexing Muscles And Development Of Oral Cavity: A child that has been breastfed continuously exercises the muscles of the mouth during the suckling. This strengthens the muscles of the oral cavity. The stimulation of the jaws and the surrounding muscles help in the proper development of the oral cavity. Also, one of the other major benefits of breast feeding is the child’s refinement in the ability to use the tongue during breast feeding, in turn helping him/her to flex these muscles as well.

2.Misalignment Of Teeth: Why breastfeeding is good for baby’s oral health? Is a very important question, most infants that have been bottle fed are more prone to misalignment of teeth as compared to the breastfed ones, even in the future.

3.Jaw Abnormalities: The jaw abnormalities, misalignment and decays are of several kinds, and can be differentiated in the terms of open bite, cross bite and over bite. It has been noted that these abnormalities in the jaw are much less prevalent in the children who are breastfed, especially overbite, as compared to the bottle fed infants and children.

4.Tooth Decay: Researchers have proved that most children that have been breastfed are less likely to suffer from tooth decay, in terms of calcium loss and other abnormalities, during the course of ltheir ife as compared to the bottle fed children.

5.Fluorine Loss: Certain researches have proved that children with a background of breastfeeding in the early developmental months are less likely to suffer from fluorine loss in comparison with children with bottle feeding. Generally, fluorine loss is caused due to the excessive exposure of the teeth to sugars and other artificial sweeteners.

These are the baby’s oral health benefits of breastfeeding.

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