Avoid These Things When Fighting With Loved Ones

Here are a few things to avoid if you have a fight with your partner.

Cutting The Call : You just had an argument and you cut the call suddenly. Your partner again calls and you cut it it again. He again calls to patch up and you again cut it. Avoiding communication after a fight may reduce the chances of patching it up.

Challenging the partner: challenging your partner during a fight may turn the fight into a physical one which is dangerous.

Slamming the door: Not being able to control your temper is seen as a weakness, not a strength!

Involving Others: Dragging others into your fight is unnecessary when you can discuss and sort it out. If you invite others into your conflicts, they may own it and drive it in their own direction even if there is a peaceful solution.

Talking about divorce: If you utter the word divorce in every fight with your partner, your partner may feel insulted.

Multiplying the issues: When you are fighting on one issue, if you bring other issues and mix it up to gain advantage over your partner in a fight, you are making a big mess that may not easily get solved!

Not sleeping together: After a fight if you are sleeping in a separate room to avoid partner’s presence, the distance between you may increase.

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