Automatic Scooters Set To Become Highest-Selling Two-Wheelers

Automatic scooters are close to becoming the number one segment in the Indian two-wheeler industry. Sale figures for April 2017 indicate that automatic scooters are contributing nearly 35 per cent of total two-wheeler sales, while the mass market 110 cc motorcycles contribute 36 per cent of the overall volumes. The rapid growth in automatic scooter sales is led by Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI), which registered the highest-ever automatic scooter sales of 3,68,550 units in April 2017. While the scooter segment grew at 25 per cent, Honda scooter sales grew by over 40 per cent.

In the financial year 2011-12, automatic scooters accounted for 19 per cent of total two-wheeler sales, while commuter motorcycles contributed 49 per cent to overall two-wheeler sales. That was a difference of 30 per cent in terms of sales contribution. As scooters started becoming more and more popular, the gap between automatic scooter contribution and commuter motorcycles has gradually come down over the years, and in April 2017, there is only one percentage difference between scooter sales contribution and commuter motorcycle contribution to overall sales. In just six years, the contribution of the automatic scooter segment to the domestic two-wheeler industry has zoomed to 35 per cent, while 110 cc motorcycle segment contribution has declined from 49 per cent to 36 per cent.

Honda’s market share in the automatic scooter segment is at an all-time high of 63 per cent. Leading the record sales is the Honda Activa, which is now India’s highest selling two-wheeler brand. The rise in scooter sales is also attributed to better road infrastructure and addition of more scooter riders of the fairer sex. While 110 cc motorcycles do have a fuel consumption and price advantage, the primary requirement in the Indian two-wheeler industry seems to have changed to the more convenient and unisex automatic scooters.

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