Audi gears up to launch A5 in India

Audi is gearing up to launch the A5 in India and will offer it in three body types – Coupe, Cabriolet and Sportback.

The A5 has two body shells – the two-door Coupe and the four-door Sportback. And then depending upon the performance, it packs the regular A5, the madder S5 and the insane RS5.

While the S5 is available in both body shells, the last RS5 was a two-door Coupe.

The new generation A5, like other next-gen Audis, looks almost the same as its predecessor. But looks apart, there is almost nothing that gets carried over in the new generation car.

In case of the Coupes, the A5 is now longer, thanks to the longer wheelbase, and wider. Inherently, the cabin has become more spacious and the boot has grown by 10 litres to 465 litres.

Owing to the multi-material approach in building the car, Audi has saved about 60 kg weight in the new Coupes.

Along with a new set of engines – three diesel and two petrol engines, the A5 now features virtual cockpit and the MMI Touch along with the standard creature comforts of luxury sedans.

The engines develop power between 185bhp and 280bhp with over 15 per cent better performance and 20 per cent better fuel economy.

The S5 is powered by the 345bhp forced induction 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine and drives all four wheels.


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