Brigadier losses ‘4-yr seniority’ after pleaded guilty of affair with Colonel’s wife

An extra-marital affair had cost an Army brigadier a four-year loss of seniority and ‘a severe reprimand’ by a general court marshal.

The brigadier pleaded guilty of adultery and having an affair with a colonel’s wife during his trial. The brigadier was commanding an infantry brigade meant for the front with China under 33 Corps in Sukna, West Bengal.

According to the sentence, the brigadier will not be eligible for any promotion to the next rank of a major general if he opts to continue in service.

An extra-marital affair of an officer with another officer’s wife, or “stealing the affections of a brother officer’s wife” is considered a serious misdemeanour and inappropriate conduct in the armed forces.

“In a usual case of adultery, officers are fired from service for the offence, but the punishment is relatively less in the brigadier’s case because he pleaded guilty to the charges,” said an officer.

The armed forces have been hit by a string of sex scandals in recent years. The IAF, for instance, sacked a fighter pilot for having an affair with a senior officer’s wife.

The Navy sacked two commander-rank officers in Mumbai, one for having an extra-marital affair and the other for sending lewd text messages to several women.


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