Apricot Sweet and Spicy Chicken Recipe


Apricot preserves – 3 tbsp

Red wine vinegar – 2 tbsp

Extra-virgin olive oil – 1½ tbsp

Garlic clove – 1

Bone-in chicken breast halves, skinned – 2

Bone-in chicken thighs, skinned – 2

Chicken drumsticks, skinned – 2

Fine sea salt – ½ tsp

Freshly ground black pepper – ¼th tsp


Take a small bowl and add the 4 ingredients – apricot preserves, red wine vinegar, olive oil and garlic clove together in it and stir it well. Now, the grilling part comes in, so prepare a grill for indirect grilling. If you are using a gas grill, heat one side to medium-high flame and leave one side with no heat. For a charcoal grill, arrange hot coals on one side of charcoal grate, leaving the other side empty.

Take chicken and keep it at room temperature for the next 30 minutes, so that it comes down to a normal temperature. Take a big bowl and sprinkle some salt and pepper on chicken evenly and coat the chicken with cooking spray, so that it can be cooked nicely. Chicken’s meaty sides are to be placed down on grill rack coated with cooking spray over direct heat.

Grill the chicken for 5 minutes or until it has turned brown. Now, it’s time to turn chicken over and baste the chicken with the apricot mixture. Again, grill for 5 more minutes over direct heat or until it has turned brown. It is now time to turn chicken over, moving it over indirect heat and basting with apricot mixture.

Cover the chicken and cook for 15 minutes. Turn the chicken over once it is done from a single side, baste with apricot mixture and cook for 20 minutes or until it is done.

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