Apps Every Woman Should Have To Ensure Their Safety

The media is awash with reports of one heinous crime after the other against women. Stepping out of the home is a luxury for most of us. Women live in a constant state of fear and who can blame them! As liberated women, staying at home is not an option. And we should not allow these incidents from living our lives to the fullest.Here are some apps that every woman should have to ensure their safety.

Apps every woman should have to ensure their safety are:

1.SOS – Stay Safe: This revolutionary safety app for women will go a long way in ensuring women the safety they so deserve. You need to login and create a list of your emergency contacts. In case of an emergency, you just need to shake the phone vigorously and this will activate the alerts. It provides your battery level, your location and even a 1 minute recording of your situation as alerts to the people on your list. This is discreet and will go a long way if a woman has been kidnapped as it provides real time alerts.

2.YWCA Safety Alert: Close on the heels of the above app, this safety alert app works along similar lines. You can shake the device or tap on the power button to activate the alarm. This alarm will create a loud noise, which will attract the attention of the bystanders and the attacker would be caught on the wrong foot. In case of an abduction, this app will send alerts to a close group of people (protected ) about your location. This app allows emergency calls to your contacts as well.

3.Women’s Security: This security app for women allows you to record a 45 second message .This message gets sent automatically. If you are not in reception range, then the message will be sent as soon as the reception is received. Like the previous app, this app also sends out your coordinates via GPS.

4.SafetiPin: This is a gift for working women. With frequent job changes and moves, we often find ourselves in unknown areas. You can use this app to scope out the safety levels of an area. This is extra helpful if you are planning to stay in a location for a long time. You can view a map of the locality and browse the safety score of the area. You can also set up safety alerts about the area. You will receive updates about any incidents and any safety precautions that you may need to take.

5.Scream Alarm: Keep this app in your app favorites. This will generate a loud scream in a female voice at the touch of a button. Loud noises draw attention and the perpetrator will be deterred from his dastardly intentions.

These are the apps that every woman should have to ensure their safety.

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