Annoying Habits At Workplace To Know

Whenever a fresher enters the world of professionalism, he or she has a mindset of being perfect at workplace. As a social animal, all human beings are concerned about their image and habits. While you socialize, you pay attention to some etiquette that are following since ages. For example, body language and expressions are important considerations while interacting with someone. But, there are few literate colleagues you face at workplace who are not bothered to care about their annoying habits.Even after knowing that these habits can be irritating for the teammates sitting around, the person doesn’t mind continuously repeating those same habits.Here are some annoying habits at workplace to know.

Annoying habits at workplace are:

1.Taking loud burps: This is one of the most irritating habits that any person can experience. What if you see a colleague sitting beside you, taking loud burps after lunch? You would feel like slapping him or her. The sound of burps make you feel pukish. Although you have been taught not to make such annoying public activities, few people are too stubborn to change.

2.Sipping tea/coffee loudly: This is another irritating drinking habit. Making sound while sipping coffee or tea bugs the person beside you.

3.Peeping: Men will be men. There is no doubt about that. Whenever you pass by, you will find some desperate men looking at you as if they have never seen a girl in their lives.

4.Loud ring tones: In the midst of working, you suddenly hear a song playing out loud in the room. You look around to know what it is. Then you see a colleague’s phone is ringing out loud. Well, phones should be kept silent or else they might be a prime cause for distraction.

5.Eating on your desk: Making that crunchy sound while munching chips or wafers is so annoying. It is a primary eating habit. As an etiquette, you should never eat on your desk especially in front of your colleagues. The worst is that your colleague is eating without sharing.

6.Biting nails: The school habit has not yet gone. Many colleagues still have the habit to bite their nails and spit them anywhere.

7.Chatting with friends: You have been hired to work and increase the productivity of the company. Imagine you are caught chatting with friends online on social networking sites. Yes, this is in reference to Facebook.

8.Passing dirty comments: There are few nymphomaniacs who always have dirty stuff on their mind. Talking about women colleagues, their dresses, linking to male colleagues etc are common annoying habits of such fickle minded people.

9.Beating up keyboard: How do you feel when you hear loud sounds that come from the keyboards? Don’t you get distracted? Listening to the keyboard sound whole day long only tests your patience. Request your colleagues not to take out their grudge or anger on their keyboards.

These are some of the annoying habits at workplace.

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