Amazing Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts To Know

Cashews are one of the healthiest dry fruits among all. Cashew or popularly known as kaju is full of nutrients which keeps your body strong.You can have cashews in sweets or may use it in many recipes. Though Indian cuisines have made a friendly relation with cashew nuts, it’s origin is in Brazil. It was the Portuguese who introduced cashews to India at 16th century.It is full of vitamins, minerals and several anti-oxidants. Therefore, health benefits of eating cashew nuts are many.Children are fond of snacks. Instead of giving them unhealthy potato chips or chocolates, give them cashews. It will make their immunity strong without any disadvantage. For its healthy benefits, cashew nuts are named as ‘Nature’s vitamin pill’.Here are some amazing health benefits of cashew nuts.

Health benefits of cashew nuts are:

1.Prevents Cancer: One of the health benefits of eating cashew nuts is thwarting cancer. It has falavonol, named Proanthocyanidins, which fights against the free radicals and tumour cells and prevent to spread further. Cashews also have high copper that decrease the risk of colon cancer.

2.Improves Cardiovascular Health: Oleic acid is very effective in keeping your heart healthy. Cashew is rich in this component. Moreover, the low fat in this nut keeps your cholesterol levels under control and the antioxidants prevents any attack of heart diseases.

3.Controls High BP: It is a rich source of magnesium which helps in lowering your blood pressure. While high BP is a very common disease in today’s life.

4.Maintain Natural Hue Of Your Hair: Cashew is full of copper content. Copper helps to maintain the natural colour of your hair and also prevents premature hair graying. If you include cashews at your regular diet, soon you’ll get back the colour of your hair.

5.Gives Healthy Nerves: Advantages of cashew nuts are uncountable. The presence of magnesium in cashews makes your nerve healthy as it deposits on the bones surface and prevents calcium from entering into the nerve cells. Therefore, your muscles and blood vessels get relaxed.

6.Rich Source Of Minerals: You know about magnesium and copper. But there are lots of other minerals in cashew which keeps you hale and hearty. Selenium, zinc, calcium are a few to name. Each mineral work differently on your body.

7.Vitamins Are There: Vitamins like Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Thiamin (Vitamin B-1), Riboflavin, Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) etc. are present in cashew in sufficient amounts. These vitamins keep you away from diseases like homocystinuria, dermatitis, sideroblastic anemia etc.

8.Healthy Bones and Teeth: The magnesium and calcium in cashew help your bones and teeth to become stronger than before. Also, cashew is good for gum health.

These are the health benefits of cashew nuts.

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