Abu Dhabi ranked second-best city to live

Abu Dhabi has been ranked the second best city in the world to live, visit and do business in the latest Ipsos Top Cities Index.

The UAE capital moved up two places in comparison to the last index in 2013 and overtook London (third) and Paris (fourth) in the process, with New York holding on to the top spot.

Sydney, Zurich, Tokyo, Rome, Los Angeles and Amsterdam completed the top 10, which was chosen from 60 cities through market research firm Ipsos MORI’s interviews with 18,000 people aged between 16 and 64 in 26 countries.

“New York and Abu Dhabi are unparalleled as centres for business but they score less strongly as a place to live or visit, whilst Paris tops the global list of tourism destinations but rates comparatively poorly as a business hub, failing to reach the top 10 on this measure,” Ipsos said.


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