Abduction case: Actress warns of legal action

In a new development to the Malayalam actress abduction case, the victim warned that she would initiate legal action against those who target her with baseless charges.

The actress, who has been keeping away from making any public statement so far, said she was speaking out as a recent remark by an actor against her had “pained” her.

She also said the investigation into the incident, which happened in February, was moving in the right direction and she has full faith in the police.

Her statement comes closely on the heels of popular Malayalam actor Dileep, whose name recently figured in connection with the sensational incident, allegedly making some unsavoury remarks against the victim.

Giving a new twist to the abduction episode, Dileep had filed a complaint with the police last week alleging that a friend of ‘Pulsar’ Suni, the prime accused in the case, had threatened to blackmail him.

“Names of many persons are coming out in connection with the case. I am also knowing about all these only through media. I have not shared any information with police to punish or protect anyone,” the actress said in the statement issued in Thrissur.

She also said she did not have any evidence to prove that the persons whose names that had appeared in the media in connection with the case, was guilty or innocent.

“The statement by an actor that myself and the accused in the case ‘Pulsar’ Suni were friends and one should be careful while selecting friends has come to my notice and it pained me,” she said.

“I am ready to initiate legal action if such baseless allegations are levelled,” the actress said, adding that she was not afraid of anybody and was willing to face any enquiry.


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