A Kerala police station serves as ‘child-clinic’ as well

If police stations are synonymous with dark lock-up rooms and stiff-faced ‘khaki’ clad officers for children, a station in north Kerala is taking a different path.

This police station in the politically-volatile Kannur district will only bring the images of smiling doctors and colourful walls to their minds.

Doctors will attend to the woes and worries of children free of cost at this station, where cartoon characters and colourful paintings will give wings to their fantasy.

For the first time in the state, the town police station in Kannur is offering paediatric services within its four walls on Sundays.

Parents can bring their children to the ‘child-friendly unit’ at the station, where specialised doctors will attend to them.

This is one of the six police stations recognised as ‘child-friendly’ by the state government as part of the community policing initiative.


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