How To Use Essential Oils For Pets

Essential oils can safely be used with pets. They receive benefits from essential oils in many ways. However, we should be a little careful while using essential oils with small animals, like a dog.

Listed below are different ways of how you could use essential oils for your furry pets, have a look.

Water Diffusion

This way is highly recommended for dogs. This is the best way to introduce essential oils in your home and outside. Start with 1-5 drops of oil in your diffuser.

Size Effects

Size always affects the amount of oil. Every dog is different in nature and feature. So it is dependant on the size of the dog to grab the amount of oil.


Essential oil is commonly used for aromatherapy of dogs. Aromatherapy really works for dogs. There are so many benefits of aromatherapy. You can get a diffuser or you can allow your dog to smell directly from the bottle. You can also apply it to your hand and let your dog smell it too.

Apply It On The Skin

Depending on the nature of the type of dog, sometimes oil should be put directly on to the skin. The action of the oil starts rapidly in this way.

Ear Tipping

Apply the diluted oil to the tips of ears. Some dogs tolerate this but some do not. They may shake the head vigorously but make sure the oil does not enter into their delicate eyes.

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