1.0 Variant Accounts For 60 Per Cent Of Renault Kwid Sales

The very successful Renault Kwid has now crossed 150,000 units in sales. And there has been a massive contribution from the more recent variant introductions from Renault India.

The company has kept up the pace, by regularly introducing something new to the Kwid range.

And now, it is learnt that the Kwid 1.0 introduced at the end of August 2016 is accounting for 60 per cent of all Kwid sales already. That’s a staggering figure considering the Kwid sells as many as 9000 units a month.

The Kwid’s AMT version (which is only available with the 1.0 engine anyway) is now accounting for half those sales. That means 30 per cent of all Kwid sales are now AMT. This shows the massive pull towards automatics in India – after all even Maruti Suzuki has had tremendous success with its AGS or auto gear shift AMT range.

Both those numbers are expected to go up further – in absolute terms – and also in terms of the per cent of sales they account for within total Kwid sales.

That is because in March, we have seen the introduction of the new Kwid Climber. And also because March is likely to be the first full month that will not see much impact from demonetisation.

After all, the Kwid AMT had been launched just days after the Prime Minister had announced his demonetization initiative.

Even though the Kwid has not seen a major drop in sales, the company believes that sales will see a smart uptick in March and ahead. The Climber variant is also offered exclusively on the 1.0-engined Kwid – and does have the AMT option as a result.

The Climber has received a positive feedback already, though given its launch was just a few days ago, its too soon to get any actual numbers, say Renault.


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